Our Results
Selected Results
  • DES EMRS solution applied to a Major Pulp Mill  in Western Canada reduced
    fossil fuel costs by over $500,000 per month and reduced electric power imports
    by $60,000 per month.  These savings resulted in a 2.5% reduction in pulp
    production costs.

  • DES EMRS solution applied to an Electric Utility in Alberta saves an average of
    $25,000 per day in natural gas costs.

  • DES Advanced Control Technologies applied to Synthetic Crude Oil Production at
    a major Canadian Oil Sands Project reduced energy costs by $11.2 million per

  • Initial audits indicate significant potential for savings at an Canadian Steel Mill
    and a Large University Campus Powerhouse.

While DES solutions are easily justifiable through variable cost reductions, benefits are
realized in harder to quantify areas:

  • Reduced maintenance, labor, and lost production opportunity costs from upsets
    caused by exceeding process constraints.
  • Improved product pricing power though variability reduction.
  • Improved process reliability and availability.
  • Improved environmental compliance.
  • Reduced insurance risk.
  • Improved efficiency of management and engineering efforts.
DES clients have been enjoying significant operational benefits through implementation of our proven approaches to process
control and optimization.  Each installed system continues to produce sustainable operational improvements with high operator
Featured Clients
Client Testimonial

"As always you and your team
of "energy geniuses" set the
standard that others fail to

Frank Slater
VP & COO AV Nackawic
Operator Testimonial

"I guess I'll have to start
bringing in a paperback."

Hans Brauer
Operations Supervisor
OPTI Canada - Long Lake
Ft. McMurray, Alberta
Client Testimonial

"DES is truly the leader not
only in Closed Loop energy
management but Process
Optimization as well"

Process Control Manager
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