DES technology is applicable to specific classes of problems common to many types of industries and commercial installations. If
your business is sensitive to process variability, volatile and escalating energy prices, or suffers from multiple operating techniques or
inconsistent risk tolerance, we have a comprehensive solution set.

DES solutions are grouped into the following categories.  Click on a solution class to read more about the problems addressed by
each solution.
DES Solution Class
What it Does
Innovative audit methodology designed to estimate benefits achievable
with DES technologies. Detailed audits reduce risk in project planning
and budgeting.
Automatically configures your facility for current (real-time) market
conditions or contractual obligations.
Ensures economic operation while respecting process, safety and
environmental constraints and equipment availability. A component of an
Energy Management and Reporting System.
Provides a constant driving force toward economic optimum, ensuring
maximum asset utilization.  Captures transient opportunities as they
arise. A component of an Energy Management and Reporting System.
Advanced process controls and operating philosophies that reduce costly
process variability and allow your facility to run more profitably with the
same risk level.
Single-knob production rate control coordinates related process units,
eliminative variable operating technique.
Ensures maximum efficiency and robust operation of combustion
DES technology is applicable to many different industries and common processes.  If you recognize your facility or processes in the
descriptions below,
contact us for a preliminary evaluation.
Industries where we have deployed DES
technology and methodology:
Processes where we have deployed DES
technology and methodology:
  • Industrial and Utility Powerhouse
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Oil and Petrochemicals
  • Mining
  • Steel
  • Large Commercial
  • Multi-Level Steam Systems
  • Multi Fuel Boilers
  • Multiple Boiler Coordination
  • Co-Generation
  • Gas Turbines
  • Lime Kiln
  • Multiple Chillers
  • Digesting
  • Brown Stock Washing
  • Bleaching
  • Recovery Boilers
  • Power Boilers
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