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Dynamic Energy Systems (DES) and it's subsidiary companies, DES Global LLC, develop innovative
process control solutions that optimize the operation of our customer's facilities. Our solutions close the loop on today's complex
operational challenges and anticipate tomorrow's opportunities.

Using our patented and patent-pending technology, your production or utility process will:
  • Automatically drive to economic optimum while respecting dynamic physical, safety, and environmental constraints.
  • Capture transient opportunities as they arise without operator intervention.
  • Configure themselves optimally for changing market conditions based on real-time price signals.
  • Use consistent variability management and rational risk tolerance.
  • Maximize asset utilization and fully exploit contractual boundaries.

DES technologies create a paradigm shift in process control and forms the basis for an operating culture in pursuit of continuous
improvement. Besides world class performance, deploying DES technology provides for lowest Total Cost of Ownership through
significantly reduced maintenance needs and future modification costs - all while maintaining continuous operator acceptance. It truly
allows your operators to become managers of your process.

DES solutions have been deployed in a variety of industrial and commercial applications, most notably as
Energy Management and
Reporting Systems (EMRS) and Real-Time Pricing (RTP) Demand-Response Systems.  Each system is demonstrating
extraordinary impact on operations.

DES understands the operational challenges faced by utilities and industry, the changes that have come with deregulation and
escalating energy costs, and most importantly, the tremendous financial opportunities that have emerged as a result of those
changes.  With our unique technology and extensive application experience, we have the solutions for today's problems.

Why settle for incremental and non-sustainable improvements? We invite you to take your process to the next level of consciousness.
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