The most critical challenge for complex operations is effective use of assets and
resources in pursuit of a rapidly changing marketplace. Traditional methods of process
control do not facilitate the flexibility and agility required today. Even though most
processes may be considered individually efficient, effective asset utilization remains
elusive. This is especially true as objectives and constraints become more dynamic and

Subtle human factors also contribute to less than optimum operation. Operator
inattention, lack of awareness and education, and varying risk tolerances create
operating techniques that are rarely the most effective.

Our innovative approach to complex control challenges mimics the behavior of an ideal
operator, possessing both the robustness to handle tactical operating issues and the
long-term perspective and judgment of the process manager. Ever vigilant, this ideal
operator captures opportunities as they arise, resulting in a more agile and
economically healthy facility.  Our flagship product
MultiMaxx controls multiple fuels in
multiple boilers while observing hundreds of constraints every second. It truly acts as
well as the best human operator of your process, but has the advantage of never having
lapses in attention or judgment.

Since the business objectives that dictate the operating philosophy for a facility rarely
change, this approach eliminates the costly maintenance and low utilization of
traditional optimization schemes.

DES technology incorporates reporting mechanisms that change key operating
performance metrics from “How did we do?” to “What prevented us from doing better?”
This subtle change is crucial for empowering an operating culture in search of
continuous improvement.

Imagine your process:
  • Changing configuration automatically in response to real-time market prices,
    weather, and resource availability.
  • Always attempting to operate in a more economical manner.
  • Respecting safety, environmental, and equipment constraints at all times,
    minimizing upset related costs.
  • Automatically unlocking value hidden in transient opportunities and using
    consistent risk tolerance.
  • Reporting barriers to improved operation in plain language, in real time.
  • Running the way the designers intended.

DES offers technology to make this a reality.  Our operations experience and application
expertise can help you get the best out of DES technology.

Our technology is available in packaged form for installation in all modern distributed
control and PLC systems or as a PC-based application that can interface to most control
systems via industry standard communication interfaces such as
OPC, Modbus, and
Client Testimonial

"Any facility that fails to
embrace DES remarkable
technology would be remiss
in their operational reliability
and energy reduction

Frank Slater
Pulp Mill and Utilities Supt.
Catalyst Paper Corporation,
Elk Falls Division
Campbell River, BC
Client Testimonial

"In the very near future in
North America there will be
two kinds of mills; those that
embrace DES technology and
those that are no longer in
Client Testimonial

"In addition to their
outstanding control
solutions, DES truly
understands the process and
how to apply the technology.
The benefit exceeds anything
that we had previously
envisioned as possible."
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