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The DES team is led by individuals with depth and breadth of experience in many diverse backgrounds and industries.  This
synergistic team is able to create value for our customers by changing the way our customers view their problems and opportunities
and providing a new perspective on what has typically become routine operation.
Cliff McClain - President

Cliff brings extensive knowledge of plant operations to the DES family of companies. His unique
background in Pulp & Paper, petrochemical, and utility industries from unit operations to facility
superintendent offering our client base a unique resource to find practical solutions to complex operational
issues. These solutions are not limited to technical issues but can extend to a variety of start up and
commissioning, facility operations, and training issues to maximize production and minimize facility cost.

This unique perspective developed from twenty plus years of experience has resulted in numerous project
successes for our client base. Cliff is actively involved in the
Technical Association of Pulp and Paper
Industries (TAPPI) as an instructor and several other professional organizations in support of industry.
Ron L. Childress - Director of R&D

Ron is the primary research investigator for Dynamic Energy Systems, LLC. He has been actively involved
in the development of advanced software and control system platforms throughout his career. His primary
focus has been in the heavy industrial and utility sectors for 20 years. During the last 12 years Ron has
developed several innovative Real Time Pricing control technologies to solve complex control problems.

To satisfy the needs of large-scale energy management Ron developed a rule based controller for which
he holds an applications patent and has expanded system functionality with additional patents pending.
The result is the development of a new class of Energy Management and Report Systems (EMRS) that
solve the most difficult process control problems and presented in many technical papers and journals.
James E. Robinson PE, P.Eng, CEM, CEP

Jim has thirty plus years of experience in the execution of power and control system projects in the
industrial and utility sectors. His early work includes R&D support developing mining equipment, field
liaison engineering and senior design engineering positions for Catalytic Construction. He joined
Honeywell in 1979 to work on the emerging Distributed Control Systems and PLC technologies where he
rotated through marketing, turnkey and delivered projects, and product development.

In 1990 Jim started his first company with a desire to develop a new class of Energy Management System
and the related engineering support services to solve today's energy problems. For 13 years Jim acted as a
Principal Project Engineer developing Energy and System Audit Techniques and executing energy projects
while he earned his CEM, CEP and Canadian Professional Engineering License and published several
papers in the energy field. Jim joined DES to implement EMRS to reduce heavy industrial energy usage.
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